Private Pet Commission
Private Pet Commission

Private Pet Commission

This order includes a personalized piece features your pet and their characteristics represented in a very special composition. I will turn your pet into a character and create something funny, majestic, beautiful, lovely, witchy, silly, absurd or sexy depending on the physical or behavioral characteristics of your pet. It’s going to be an imaginary and a unique piece of artwork just special about your beloved one and it’s going to be a piece to honor their presence and to cherish their memory. Before you place your order please just consider my artistic style(my colors, my imagination and my level execution). If you’re happy with it, we can both enjoy the process. 

How i work for this piece:

  • After you placed your order please e-mail me with some nice photos of your pet taken in daylight and taken from the eyesight. If you order for more than one pet, there will be two preferences: I can make them into the same composition or i can make them as separate pieces.
  • Tell me a little bit about them to sparkle an idea in my mind for this piece. How are their characteristics? This stage could depend on the physical attributes of them as well. My artistic purpose is to highlight and exaggerate their characteristic features to make it more personal.
  • After the second stage, please allow me a few days to sketch for your piece. I would like to hear your ideas too. We could absolutely discuss it together. I’m open to them.
  • When we agreed on the sketch, i will start to make your piece. Making process takes 4-5 days except the sketching stage. There may be a turnaround time depending on the quantity of orders. I will let you know about the time.
  • It will be sent in a very special wooden box.
  • Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to email me. Thank you for your interest!