Me in my studio

İrem Yazici is a hand embroidery artist based in Eskisehir, Turkey. She is a self-taught artist and she has been embroidering since 2014.

Inspired by the surrealism, fantastic art and mysticism she aims to create surreal worlds in her works. She explores color and texture through her depictions and merging hand embroidery and illustration with her multi techique stitching. She is a shameless maximalist in her works and she loves to use bold and bright colors and materials to enhance the glam in her embroideries. She says ' Hand embriodery is like a drag queen. No matter how much they go fancy, you can never say it's too much because it's all that glam what makes them spectecular. I can say the same thing applies to hand embroidery art as well. Hand embroidery is originally used to decorate things, enhance and enrichen their looks i would like to honor hand embroidery's existential cause and become more tied with its roots by using color and various techniques without hesitation in my works.